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Do you like to send us any "Messages", "Recipes" or "Information" that you find out - such as gluten free/healthy foods, restaurants, bakery, stores or any? (It is fine that you can advertise your own restaurant or store!) Why don't you post/send in Facebook group page, Amical World?

If it is nice information, we send your information to all e-mail subscribers all over the world to adverise for you, or we like to select your information to put on our website/Facebook page. We try to send and advertise the information as many as possible, and spread more awareness for healthy life. It is fine in Japanese or English. No worries - we translate for you.

And, if you send us "Recipes", we will put your name, picture, link to your blog, website, your Facebook/Twitter page, books etc on our website. Please let me know what kind of information you like to put on our site. We will try to let many people know about you. (As for the details, we will confirm with author personally after sent to us)

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Once you make the first order, your e-mail will be registered as e-mail subscription. (In case, you don't like to receive the e-mail news, you can stop from your account setting) And, if you only like to receive the e-mail news, you can register from screen anytime.
We send you the news twice a month or so. Once we have special news, new products, events and more, we will send you e-mail news on demand. As same as the Blog site, Amical Wind, the information will be updated in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, SNS site.

And, we send the special news letter, coupon or samples, etc (you don't know what you will receive depending on the timing) to "Only" the customers who purchased our products, and you will find in your package. We hope you like it and enjoy the surprise!

If you have any requests like specific foods that you like us to send, please send us message anytime. We will find out that we can send over to you. We are waiting for your requests anytime!